It's that time of year again. New year, new goals, new you right? How many have ever set huge lofty goals that we fall off of in 2 weeks? Whether it be lose 15 lbs, drink more water, spend less time at the office, it never seems to work out. This year, we're going to take a different approach, and we're not going to fall off. We're going to make new habits.

Set 1 Long Term Goal

The problem why people fall off every year isn't that people aren't disciplined or can't do what needs to be done. It's they are trying to juggle too much, and they can't balance it all. Even the best jugglers in the world have to stop at a certain number of balls. By setting 1 goal, a long term goal, you have created a vision of where you want to go. Your goal should be tangible, it should be something that is a big goal, but attainable through consistent work and effort.

Examples: Lose 6 inches off my waistline, run a 5k in July, fit into that pair of jeans or dress.

Make a list

This is where the effort and consistency comes in, as well as self accountability. You have set your goal, now what do you do to achieve that goal? Make a list to complete EVERY DAY. This list is going to be 5 tasks that will help move you toward your goal. Only 5. Not 10, not 20. If your goal is to lose 6 inches off your waistline, your list would look something like this;

1.) Eat X amount of calories

2.) Do 20 minutes of cardio

3.) Research new food recipes

4.) Read 15 pages per day (The body goes where the mind follows)

5.) Get 7 hours of sleep per night

Each of those 5 items in that list are controlled by you, are tangible, and can be completed every day! If you get all 5 items on the list completed, you won the day. If you only got 3 or 4, you didn't win. Pretty simple right?


This is where is gets boring, and people lose interest. The list above, is to be completed every day, 7 days a week, until those items on the list, become habits. When an item becomes habit, you take that off the list, and add a new task to take its place. You do these day in every day, and I promise you will not fail. Win the day, then win 6 more, and you won your week, win 4 weeks, guess what, you've won the month. And you are creating habits to develop yourself into a goal destruction machine!

2019 can be your year! Effort, consistency, work, and patience will be the driving factors. Make a list, and start today. You have 5 days until new years. Let's make them count!


-Jordan Adams

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December 27, 2018 — Jordan Adams


Cheryl Snider said:

I need a pace that I can live with and stay healthy!

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