Sniper™ Intense Preworkout Focus

MTS Nutrition Sniper™ is the most transparent preworkout ever created. From conception to launch, we showed you every step of the process at Formulated with scientifically-validated doses of critical ingredients for skin-splitting pumps, laser-focus, plus strength and muscle support, Sniper is the preworkout that you need. With Sniper’s insanely delicious flavor, you will crave every serving. Precise and intense, like a Sniper!

What makes Sniper awesome? Transparency, potency, backed by science and real-world results!


L-Citrulline (5g)

When in the gym, many individuals strive for an intense pump. The kind where it feels like your skin is going to tear. L-Citrulline can help you achieve such a pump. L-Citrulline has the ability to increase nitric oxide production, allowing your blood vessels to expand and dilate. This ingredient in itself has many benefits such as aiding in shuttling nutrients to the working muscles, promoting healthy energy levels, and improving blood flow. In addition, L-Citrulline can help prevent inflammation and muscle wasting due to oxidative stress (Ham et al., 2015). Supplementing with this ingredient has been proven to be safe and has also been used by patients suffering from erectile dysfunction as an alternative treatment method (Cormio et al., 2011).

Creatine Monohydrate (5g)

Creatine is the most researched dietary supplement and ergogenic aid available on the market today. With hundreds of studies to back its effectiveness, many add this to their supplement regimen to give them greater performance during their workouts and quicker recovery time. Creatine also helps with building lean muscle mass (Tarnopolsky et al., 2008). In order to progress and see continued results, you need to consistently challenge your muscles. Creatine is capable of providing the working muscles with energy to allow you to push harder in the gym, all while helping to reduce muscle fatigue. It doesn’t just stop there. If creatine is added to a solid training protocol, individuals have the ability to improve their overall strength and body composition (Galvan et al., 2016).

  • Helps promote lean mass gains
  • Helps promote increased strength
  • Enhance muscle recovery
  • Helps improve anaerobic capacity

    Beta Alanine (3.2g)

    With over 55 studies on Beta Alanine, it’s hard to not want to add it to your arsenal of supplements. When muscle growth and strength are your goals, this is a must-have ingredient in your formulation. Beta Alanine has been shown to not only improve recovery time and muscle endurance (Smith et al., 2009), but also delay fatigue to allow you to push harder every workout (Derave et al., 2007). As a result of being able to increase your workload each workout, you can notice significant increases in overall muscle strength (Hoffman et al., 2006).

    • Increased Peak Performance
    • Faster Muscle Recovery
    • Better Training Sessions with Better Results

    Glycercize Glycerol Powder (2g)

    Hydration is a critical component of optimal performance in and out of the gym. When adequately hydrated, you’re mentally and physically on top of your game. When you’re not, fatigue, both mentally and physically, rapidly set in. That’s where Glycersize comes in. Glycersize is a high yield form of glycerol supplying 65% glycerol by mass. Glycerol transforms your muscles into ultra-absorbent sponges that allows them to soak up extra water, creating a state of “hyperhydration.” This creates massive cellular swelling, which aside from improved performance, makes for some pretty sick “water-based” pumps as well.

    Taurine (2g)

    Found in vast quantities in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles, taurine is a semi conditional that provides multiple benefits to the hard-training athlete. First and foremost, taurine functions as a cell volumizer, encouraging your muscles to absorb extra water, which leads to improved hydration, stamina, and muscle fullness. Since taurine is also present in the brain, it can enhance focus and reduce brain fatigue, helping you stay in the zone no matter how long you’re in the gym.

    Betaine Anhydrous (1.5g)

    Betaine Anhydrous, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), is a component of beetroot. Supplementing with Betaine can help improve vasodilation by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood (Iqbal et al., 2006). This can aid in providing a pump during exercise, as well as improving blood flow and nutrient transport. Betaine is also able to help improve endurance where more work is able to be completed prior to fatigue (Trepanowski et al., 2011). Additionally, when it comes to overall muscle growth and size, Betaine is able to support growth hormone levels by increasing IGF-1 in the body and was also found to reduce cortisol levels (Apicella et al., 2013).

    Guarana and Green Coffee Bean Extract (250mg Caffeine)

    This natural caffeine blend will provide a much smoother and more sustained energy than regular caffeine allowing you to crush your entire workout, from start to finish! One ingredient you will find in many pre-workouts on the market today is caffeine. This particular ingredient has been used to improve performance for more than 15 years – helping give athletes and the general population alike, the ability to improve their performance and increase their energy levels. While the dosages vary and are dependent on the individuals’ tolerance to simulants, the overall consensus is that caffeine can improve reaction time, logical reasoning, and vigilance (Kamimori et al., 2015). In addition, researchers have found that caffeine can also aid in enhancing long-term memory (Borota et al., 2014).

    L-Theanine (100mg)

    L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea, which is a rich source of polyphenols that promote overall health and feature antioxidant properties. L-theanine also assists with relaxation and well-being, reduces stress, and helps maintain daytime alertness. This wonder ingredient has been shown to help with mental focus and sleep quality, which is an unlikely combination! The reason is that L-Theanine may affect the levels of certain chemicals in the brain, like Seratonin and Dopamine, which help influence mood, sleep, emotion, and cortisol. These actions in the body are inevitably how your body deals with environmental stress. L-Theanine may also help reduce appetite, support healthy weight management, boost the immune system, and reduce blood pressure.

    Panax Ginseng (50mg)

    This is an excellent addition. Panax Ginseng shows promise in sustaining physical performance, enhancing mental performance and even helping with cardiovascular performance. It's a perfect brain and body booster.

    Sniper is the most complete and transparent preworkout ever created, and even showed you every step of the process. Try it today – you will then experience the unparalleled flavor! This is a must-try preworkout!


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