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What is the perfect diet?

When a physique goal is in mind, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Essential to have your diet structured and set up for success. But what is that perfect diet? 

First let’s evaluate the term diet. We often associate it with weight loss. But diet is more than that. Diet is the food consumed on a daily basis. Whether you are in a surplus, maintenance, or deficit, your diet is the food consumed. 

Now that we have established what a diet is, how do we determine what the perfect one is? We’ve all seen, known, or even been that person who goes on a “fad” diet. It works for a few weeks, and then when it’s over you go back to what you were eating and gain all your weight back, and then some. Right?

So you try again, another diet, and the cycle repeats. What’s the missing factor? You did everything the diet said, but when it was over you went back to where you were. 

Thats the problem. The diet was over. The fad diet of 12-15 weeks left you in a place without any knowledge of how to continue. 


Consistency is the most important part of any diet. The diet you choose should be a lifestyle change. Not a quick 12 weeks fix that leaves you more broken. 

The diet should be able to be adjustable, and accommodate for more than a caloric deficit or fat loss phase. Let your diet, be your lifestyle. If you can’t see yourself eating a certain way long term THAT IS NOT THE PERFECT DIET.

The main factors to consider for your diet; Do you enjoy It? Are you seeing success? Can you manage this long term? Can you eat foods you enjoy? 

If the answer is yes, that is the perfect diet


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