Welcome to Zilla Meals! You've taken the first step to becoming your best self! Now it's time to fuel your body with Freshly Prepped, Ready to Eat, Healthy, Nutritious, Zilla Meals! 

1.) Shop: Browse through our menu from the Weekly Rotating Menu, the Clean & Lean Menu, Complete Breakfast, Build Your Own Custom Meal, etc. and find the meals you will enjoy and fit into your own personal nutrition goals!

2.) Delivery/ Pick-Up: This is where the fun begins! You have the option to have your meals delivered to your doorstep via UPS Shipping (can it get much easier) or schedule a local pick up at one of our MANY drop off locations (See drop off locations here). Now with your meals in hand, you know what time it is...

3.) Heat & Eat! It is literally that simple! Easily pop your meal into the microwave or oven, reheat for 1-3 minutes, and enjoy! No more shopping for hours, cooking, prepping, cleaning





ALL of the meals produced by Zilla Meals are made in our HQ location in downtown Somerset KY. We are directly supervised by the KY FDA Health Dept so you can rest easy, knowing your meal prep is made efficiently, effectively, and safely


If you were a customer when we first started, you experienced our growing pains of "pop on" lids for the meals. BUT we now have top of the line Cryo-Vac technology which seals in freshness, and the packaging is nearly indestructible! Making your meal prep fresher, and guaranteed in perfect condition upon arrival.


We are fortunate to pair with many drop off locations across the state of KY. When you choose a drop off location, your meals will be in individual identified bags with your name and quantity on it. Then those bags are placed in an insulated bag with ice packs and dry ice to insure proper temp during delivery until you pick up! Simply arrive at your pick up and tell the rep your name and BOOM! Zilla Meals are yours!

If you elect to have your meals shipped, the meals will be delivered to your doorstep, or hotel room! Simply add the address at checkout! We pack the insulated box tightly with your meals, and dry ice, and ship next day!