We are very fortunate to partner with numerous supplement stores and gyms across the southeast! They partner as a "Drop Off Location" for ease and convenient pick up. 
  1. Browse our menu and find your meals to fit your needs
  2. At checkout, select the nearest drop off location, and select a time for pick up
  3. We prep your meals fresh and deliver to the drop location in chilled, insulated bags, packed with ice packs, so your meals stay at appropriate temperature. (Meals can stay in the cooler bags until close of the day)
  4. Arrive at your selected time and pick your meals up! Yes, it's that simple =)

See Our Drop Off

Locations Below!!



*NOTE* It is your responsibility to arrive and pick up your meals at the time selected. Since we are deliveringfreshly prepped meals, it is crucial to arrive and get your meals in a timely manner. IF YOU DO NOT ARRIVE ON TIME TO PICK YOUR MEALS UP, THE DROP LOCATION WILL DISPOSE OF THEM AND ARE NOT HELD LIABLE FOR ANY MISSING, DAMAGED, LOST OR STOLEN MEALS. PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS

*NOTE* Some drop offs have specified hours such as Crossfit606, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Leave No Doubt CrossFit. They work on a class schedule, not a typical window of picking up. If you choose one of these drop offs and a class is not in schedule at your pick up time, please call the drop off location number on their respective doors and they will gladly assist you.