Zilla Meals HQ

Zilla Meals HQ is our home base where all of the cooking, prepping, packaging, and distribution is facilitated! It also acts as our first retail store front, where meals are readily available for purchase, and a dine in area to eat your Zilla Meals with refreshments, energy drinks and Zilla Merch!

Ready To Eat

At Zilla Meals HQ we have hundreds of fresh, nutritious, ready to eat meals, ready for purchase! Located in the heart of downtown Somerset KY, we are able to provide the community with freshly cooked, pre portioned, delicious meals at your convenience! Simply walk in and select your meals, or speak with one of our health and fitness experts to find what meals best suit your needs! Or have your order made for you by placing your order ahead of time on our website. 

Meal Prep Made Easy

Behind the store front of Zilla Meals HQ sits our commercial kitchen and commercial prep area. We have invested in top of the line, commercial kitchen equipment from Vulcan, Wolf, and Blodgett. Our facility is inspected by the FDA and KY State Health Dept. Every meal is cooked, prepped, and packaged right here! To ensure top quality is met, after our food is temped appropriately, it is cooled, and placed in our prep room which operates at 36° in which the food is plated. Your meal will be in a constant refrigerated state until it reaches your hand, NEVER FROZEN!!


Come see us in store Monday-Friday 10am-7pm EST at 

230 E Mount Vernon St, Somerset KY 42501

Or email us at info@zilla-meals.com

Or call us at (859) 287-4232