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Freshly Prepped, Right To Your Door

Zilla Meals are shipped ANYWHERE in the USA! Straight from our kitchen, right to your doorstep! It's so simple! Just pick the meals you want, the day you want them delivered, and we do the rest! When your meals are shipped, they are packed tight in an insulated box, with 1 pound of dry ice per pound of food! This is to insure that the meals arrive safe, sound, and in a refrigerated state! Simply remove from the box and store!

*Most, if not all, of the dry ice should have sublimated by the time your meals arrive. This is perfectly normal! If you have any remaining dry ice in your box USE CAUTION AS IT CAN BURN YOU!  

How much is shipping?


We are based out of Somerset KY and use FEDEX as our courier to get the meals to your door!
If you live in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, we are able to ship your meals to your home for a flat rate of $18 (per order)
All other states are variable based on the distance as we do ship next day air. For example, Virginia, Alabama, Illinois Next Day Air shipping is between $32-$38. Where as shipping to California or Washington would range between $80-$89.
*To see exactly what your shipping would cost, you can proceed through checkout until you reach the shipping calculator, there it will tell you exactly how much shipping Next Day to your home is!

How many meals fit in a box?

1 small box holds 15 meals
1 medium sized box holds 25 meals, and
1 large box holds up to 35 meals!
We give you this info so you can minimize costs on shipping.

Transit Time

Order by 8:00am EST to get your meals shipped out same day!!
To insure your meals are shipped to you in a timely and safe manner, we only ship with a 1 day transit. The cost of shipping is dependent on the weight of your package as well as your shipping destination.
When your box arrives, your meals will be in vacuum sealed plates, chilled, and packed tight to insure no meal movement in your package. Simply unbox, reheat, and eat!

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