Staying home? Working from home? Tired of the grocery store shortage of food?| UPS NATIONWIDE SHIPPING ONLY $1.50 right to your doorstep!! | freshly prepped and ready to eat | order today

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Want your fresh nutritious ready to eat meals delivered to your doorstep? We've got you covered! 

Zilla Meals are currently shipped out every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. We ship NEXT DAY AIR so you will get your meals on time, fresh and ready to eat!
One major difference in shipping and drop offs/delivery is that THERE IS NO DEADLINE FOR SHIPPING!! 

Simply select the day you want your meals shipped out on and we handle the rest!!

Our meals are cooked fresh, and shipped with DRY ICE with UPS next day air. To insure you’re getting the best bang for your shipping buck, read below!

How many meals fit in a box?

1 small box holds 15 meals,

1 medium sized box holds 25 meals, and

1 large box holds up to 35 meals! We give you this info so you can maximize costs on shipping.

Transit Time

To insure your meals are shipped to you in a timely and safe manner, we only ship with a 1 day transit. The cost of shipping is dependent on the weight of your package as well as your shipping destination.

When your box arrives, your meals will be in vacuum sealed plates, chilled, and packed tight to insure no meal movement in your package. Simply unbox, reheat, and eat!

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