Food Safety

Chef Prepared Meals

All meals produced by Zilla Meals are formulated to meet the needs of nutritional/health conscious individuals. Which is why our staff is under the guidance of owner Jordan Adams, a certified Wellness & Nutrition Chef. Our staff are trained in the culinary arts and are specifically trained to formulate meals that have a higher quality, and better macronutrient composite than your typical eatery!

Where we cook

Zilla Meals are cooked and packaged in our FDA, Pulaski County and Kentucky Health dept approved commercial facility. All of our food is prepared, cooked, chilled, and plated right in house! Once the food reaches our state of the art plating room, which is ran constantly at 36°, it doesn't leave until it reaches your hand!

(Zilla Meals HQ 230 E Mount Vernon St. Somerset Ky 42501). When delivering our food from our facility to you, your meals are packed at 36° Fahrenheit in insulated bags with ice packs to ensure proper food temp. 


Food manufacturing companies are held under a strict law, and are subject to multiple inspections per year by the KY State Health Dept. This ensures all product and the facility used is top notch for you!

Our Food

All of our food products, from our green beans to our beef, are locally sourced! We believe in supporting small local business to help grow our local economy, and providing the highest quality food products to you every day! All of our meat, produce, and ingredients are ALL NATURAL. We never use any artificial preservatives, no additives, no filler, no antibiotics, and no hormones.


To ensure all of our foods macronutrients and calories are correct, all food is weighed prior to cooking. (Ie: 4 oz of chicken breast = 24g of protein pre cooked)

Operating Permit