From day 1, our goal is to provide you with the most delicious, nutritious, and well balanced ready to eat meals you'll ever have. We strive to make your fitness and health journey easier, and to help you become the best most productive version of yourself.


We started and still are a family business. Our roots are located in south central KY, and was founded by 2 fitness enthusiasts in a home kitchen. We've been so blessed to grow organically and meet and serve thousands of customers across the United States.


We source ALL of our food with specificity with our vendors. We want the top notch, least modified or adjusted sources to make our meals from. This provides a better and healthier experience than any other.


Hard work always wins. From growing our business and our minds, to helping you grow your physique, there is so much work and lessons that go encompass it all. And we're never afraid to do the work.

We are never going to be the other guys. When meal prep comes to mind, Zilla will be the first thought that follows. Great food, good service, and attention to detail. 
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