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-Who can order Zilla Meals?

Anyone!! Zilla Meals are made for anyone looking for a convenient, healthy, ready to eat meal. 

-Do I have to be a member of the local gym if it’s a drop off location to get meals?

No. These are centralized spots used for pick up! Simply walk in and tell them your name and you’ll receive your order

-Where are your meals manufactured? 

Zilla Meals are manufactured and shipped out from our FDA inspected, KY State health department approved commercial facility located in Somerset KY. All food is cooked, and sealed here in a temperature controlled environment.

-Do you ship?

YES!! We ship Nationwide! 

-What do I do if I have damaged meals from shipping?

Please take photos of the damaged meals/box within 24 hours of receiving the package and send to info@zilla-meals.com so a claim can be filed. A claim cannot be filed after 24 hours of receiving your meals per FedEx

-What is the difference in a "Drop Location" and "Shipping" 

Drop locations are our partner stores/ gyms that have agreed to be a hub to drop meals off to. We have numerous drop locations, simply select the one in your town and your meals will be delivered there. 

Shipping orders are sent via FedEx. They are shipped directly to your doorstep

-What should I expect when I receive my shipment in the mail?

Your Meals will arrive in an insulated box with your meals in our NEW SHIPPING PROOF PACKAGING. We ship our meals with dry ice to insure proper temp is kept during the 1 day transit


-Can I enter a discount code after I order?

Unfortunately, there is no way to retroactively add discount codes to a submitted order. Make sure you add the discount code at the checkout and activate it before checking out.

-Can I enter more than 1 discount code at checkout?

No our system only allows for 1 code to be used per order.

-Is the food weighed prior to, or post cooking?

To ensure accuracy with our macronutrients and calories, all food is weighed PRE cooking. (ie: 4oz of chicken breast = 24g of protein PRE cooked) Food weighed post cooking would have a higher macronutrient and calorie profile

-How long can the meals be stored?

Each meal has an use or freeze by date listed on the label  most will fall between 5-10 days of the meal being manufactured

-What time is pick up?

Refer to the "Drop off/ Shipping Times" page

-How fresh are the meals cooked?

All meals are cooked the day before they are delivered or shipped, to insure optimal freshness.

-Are your meals gluten free?

Yes and no. All of our meals will have allergen info below the macronutrients.

-What happens if I miss the drop time?

Each drop location is not responsible for your order and may throw away unpicked deliveries. Ensure you have made arrangements to get your meals on delivery day or email us at info@zilla-meals.com

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