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About Our Food

100% Natural

    As John Hammond would say, spare no expense. We want to ensure you have the best nutrients going into your body. Which is why we have chosen to provide you with 100% antibiotic free, all natural poultry, 100% USDA Prime Angus Beef, and fresh veggies. We want to insure your body is running optimally with the best fuel, at the best price. You wouldn't put unleaded fuel in a Ferrari, so we wont put unleaded fuel in your body!

     Our food is cooked in an FDA Inspected facility at Zilla Meals HQ. Every meal is cooked, measured, assembled, delivered from and shipped from, this facility.

     When our food is cooked, we use several herbs and spices to flavor the meal. This ranges from Garlic & Herb, Cajun, BBQ seasoning, onion powder, paprika, cumin, and cinnamon, We also use a variety of marinades, as well as Extra virgin olive oil for cooking.

How our food is measured 

     To insure your meals macronutrients and calories are accurate, our staff have been trained to measure each product prior to, and post being cooked. Why do we do this? What most people don't know, is the cooked weight and raw weight of any food is different! The macronutrient content you see on any label of food in raw form, is the macronutrients listed prior to cooking. Most meats and vegetables yield 70-78% of their raw weight. 

     So what does this mean? It essentially means if you measure your food only post cooking, you will be getting a higher calorie content! This is why all of our products are measured in the raw, and cooked, to provide you with the upmost accuracy on macronutrients.

 Our Menu 

      We have made a HUGELY robust menu for your mouth pleasure! Our Clean & Lean menu consists of regular portion & double portion meals with a healthy protein, carb & veggie choice. 

      Our  Weekly Menu consists of a rotational menu of meals. These meals range in variety from burgers, pasta, desserts, and home cooked dishes. HOWEVER the ingredients have been modified to better fit your macronutrients, without sacrificing on taste!

     Moving on we have our Build your own Custom Meal, Custom Personal Pan Pizza, Complete Breakfast, IMPULSE BARS, and so much more!


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